• Molding My Business with Electronic Payments

    by Lee Marshall, Silver Ridge Pottery | August 29, 2013

    Six years ago, I retired from my career as an engineer and executive in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to start my own pottery business. With the help of electronic payments acceptance, I have been able to build and grow a successful pottery shop just outside of Nashville,... Read More ›

  • Nurturing Success through Electronic Payment Acceptance

    by Susan Devlin, Nurture Salon and Spa | August 28, 2013

    Nurture Salon and Spa has been providing hair, skincare and spa services and products at our South Boston location for the last eleven years. At Nurture Salon and Spa, our success has come from taking attentive care of our customers. Ever since we opened our doors, we have been committed to... Read More ›

  • Payment cards make building an organization possible

    by Mike Wentworth | August 22, 2013

    In 2011, I started to dream of a non-profit that would record histories from seniors, disadvantaged communities and voices not normally heard in our society through audio and film. The organization would encourage and train individuals to record the stories of their community members and preserve... Read More ›

  • Card Acceptance Helps the Green Tomato Feed Its Customers

    by John Ryan, The Green Tomato | August 21, 2013

    The Green Tomato has been serving gourmet foods to the people of Reading, Massachusetts since 2002. As the owner, I can confidently say that credit card acceptance has been a crucial part of our success. Located directly across from the train station in a town outside Boston, we serve a large... Read More ›

  • Dress for Success with Electronic Payments

    by Michelle McHargue, Pon's Bridal | August 14, 2013

    Over the past decade, I’ve had the pleasure of helping customers young and old with all their formal attire needs. Kentuckians from across the Commonwealth turn to us for significant life events from high school proms to weddings. At Pon’s Bridal, it’s my job to make sure every single... Read More ›

  • Ask Our Experts Your Questions About Card Acceptance!

    by Community Merchants USA | August 12, 2013

    Community Merchants USA is proud to announce a new online tool to help small business owners understand how electronic payments can help start, manage and grow a business. On our new “Ask an Expert” forum, you can submit a question about card acceptance to an expert in the world of electronic... Read More ›

  • NBCC Webinar: “Making Electronic Payments Work for You”

    by Community Merchants USA | August 8, 2013

    Just recently, Community Merchants USA attended the National Black Chamber of Commerce Convention’s panel on credit card acceptance, where we heard expert advice from industry leaders, including MasterCard, US Bank, The Electronic Transaction Association,... Read More ›

  • Electronic Payments Can Expand Your Brand

    by Justin Taylor | August 5, 2013

    For the past three years, I’ve owned and operated a small web-based retail business. Without electronic payment acceptance, my business would simply not exist. At Brand Louisville, we sell products that help Louisvillians and Louisvillians at heart show off their city pride. From stickers and... Read More ›

  • No credit cards? No thanks.

    by Ronnie Carwell | July 30, 2013

    Carwell Plumbing & Gas has been serving homes and businesses in North Carolina for more than 20 years, but we didn’t start accepting plastic until just a few months ago. When we found out that we were losing customers to plumbers who accepted credit cards, we decided to give them a try and... Read More ›

  • Every Business Has a Story Tell: What’s Yours?

    by Community Merchants USA | July 23, 2013

    At Community Merchants USA, our goal is to help small business owners understand how electronic payments can help start, manage and grow a business. But no one knows what works better than small business leaders like you. That’s why we’d like to hear from you. With our “Share Your Story”... Read More ›

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