How does card acceptance add value to your business?

clerk2Accepting cards is crucial for small businesses. Electronic payments help you increase your sales, improve your cash flow and broaden your customer base.

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  • Mark Abel, Owner of Blackiston Mill Dry Cleaners

    Blackiston Mill Dry Cleaners is all about making our customers' lives that much easier. We have developed an app to facilitate our free pick-up & delivery. Accepting credit cards allows for our customers to save their credit card information, saving them those vital five minutes and making our business more competitive than ever.

  • Tommy Thystrup, Owner of Carolina Town and Country

    The people of Sanford and surrounding areas come to visit our store not only to shop but also to visit the animals. We are sometimes regarded as the "Local Zoo.” But most often, customers come on the spur of the moment to purchase farm, lawn or garden products they need to finish a project or job. Since it is usually an unexpected trip, they usually do not have cash so they pull out their debit or credit cards to pay. This works great for all of us. We make a sale and they can get back to their job or project.

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At Sign-A-Rama, we know many of our customers rely on us to accept credit card payments. We pride ourselves on producing exceptional signage with little notice, and accepting credit cards allows for that quick turnaround. We couldn’t run our business without it!

- Tanya Scott

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