Electronic Payments: Slam Dunk for MVP Sports

As a small business owner of MVP Sports Cards in downtown Louisville, I have experienced the benefits of accepting credit and debit cards. We sell a variety of sports memorabilia, including all major sports card products from Panini, Topps and Upper Deck, as well as collectible items for all sports. Our inventory ranges from key chains to bobble heads to autographed cards and more.

I opened MVP Sports Cards just last summer and have grown my business through card acceptance. In fact, at least half our business transactions occur online through our store website.

Our customers include anyone that has a general interest in sports—whether they’re 7 or 70 years old; are lifelong collectors or are just getting started. Our online shop is vital to our business because it helps us reach this wide customer base. It would be detrimental to our business if we did not accept electronic payments.

The importance of electronic payments to my business goes beyond just online transactions. Many of our collectibles, like autographed photos or sports equipment, are very valuable. Not only are electronic payments safer when making large transactions, they are also more convenient for both the customer and the business. Accepting credit and debit cards makes both my customers and me feel comfortable and more secure in making such transactions.

Payment card acceptance has been a homerun for MVP Sports. Credit and debit cards have made transactions online and in-store simple, and more importantly have helped to expand my business. Accepting credit and debit cards is crucial for any small or new business looking to open the doors to online business and development.

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