Electronic Payments for Wooden Camera Accessories Keeps My Business in Focus

As the owner of Wooden Camera Accessories in Dallas, I have experienced firsthand the advantages of accepting electronic payments. Wooden Camera makes and sells camera accessories for film and video productions for rental houses, movie studios and freelance film workers.

The camera accessories we make and sell include camera support, handles, EVF mounts, rail components, cable and adapter boxes for several different brands including ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon and Sony. We also sell used equipment and replacement parts to a variety of dealers throughout the United States.

Accepting debit and credit card payments has been absolutely essential to the growth of my business. We do a mere one percent of payments or less in cash, and just 35% in checks or wiring. This means that a staggering 64% of our payments are through credit and debit card – an absolutely vital portion of our sales.

As a business owner, my first priority is and always has been my customers. I know that the convenience of online transactions makes it much easier for my customers to make purchases and to feel safe in doing so. Over the past four years, my customers have begun to assume that they can pay by card, and I know they appreciate the convenience of not having to carry around cash and checkbooks.

With electronic payments, our customer base isn’t limited to just Dallas. Our store offers products for those who are passionate about the world of film, no matter where film enthusiasts live. The ability to make online transactions has opened up our business to customers both near and far.

On top of convenience and reach, many of the items we sell are very valuable, and I know that both my customers and I feel much safer when making these purchases electronically, both online and in-store.

Credit and debit card payment acceptance has been crucial to growing my small business. For Wooden Camera Accessories, electronic payments have made online and in-store transactions easier and more convenient, increased my business reach, allowed for the instant processing of transactions and improved the trust of my customers when purchasing expensive products.

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