Accepting Cards is Good Customer Service

For the past three decades, my family has run Critterland Pets in Mill Valley, CA. Mill Valley is the definition of a tight-knit little town, where everyone knows each other’s names. We have longstanding relationships with our customers, and many families have continued to frequent our shop over generations. Our customers come back because they appreciate our unique product offerings, product expertise and exemplary customer service – including tasty treats for our special paw-footed customers!

Part of providing an excellent experience is accepting card payments. Many of our customers come in on their dog walks or on the way home from the vet, which means they often have their pet in tow. Our customers rarely want to pull out and count cash when paying; keeping an eye on their pet is more than enough! The speed and convenience of using credit and debit cards allows them to pay with one hand and hold their pet’s leash with the other.
Having been in business for 33 years, I’ve seen the evolution of payment solutions firsthand. It’s clear my customers would rather pay by card than with cash or check. Over the years, my customers have increasingly preferred using credit and debit cards. My employees and I also prefer it because it saves us time from making several trips to the bank to deposit cash.

Currently, more than 85% of our clients use cards, and I see that number only increasing in the future. The plain and simple fact is that if I didn’t accept credit and debit cards, I would not be in business today. Accepting credit and debit cards keeps my customers happy.

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Mark Fong owns local pet shop and hangout Critterland Pets. Mark’s family has owned and operated the store, a staple in the Mill Valley community, for 33 years.

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