• Small Business in A Digital Age: Social Media

    November 11, 2014

    The world of business is moving faster -- hyper fast. Small businesses face the challenge of trying to keep up and innovate their business to create an advantage. This week, GoLocal brings you a guide to understanding the impact social media has on your target market and how to be effective with...

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  • A Credit Card Terminal that Takes Apps

    MIT Technology Review | November 7, 2014

    Last year, Osama Bedier—then the head of Google Wallet—decided he was on the wrong side of the payments business. Bedier’s new company, Poynt, has a new kind of credit-card terminal. The sleek-looking, $299 touch-screen gadget accepts cards with embedded chips—which will soon be...

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  • Small Businesses Assess Their Apple Pay Options

    New York Times | November 6, 2014

    With the introduction of Apple Pay, many small-business owners are weighing whether they should take the necessary steps to accept the new form of payment. So far, most of the merchants that have signed up to accept Apple Pay are large ones, like Macy’s, McDonald’s, Subway and Whole Foods....

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  • Small Business Missing Out on Big Data Benefits

    Business 2 Community | November 5, 2014

    Big data has been described by companies as an opportunity to increase profits, and use the information gained to improve the customer experience. However, the way companies are using data to make predictions is actually far from ideal as the latest reports show that only 29% of companies are using...

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  • Small Business Investing in Mobile Technology

    eWeek | November 4, 2014

    Sixteen percent of small and midsize businesses in the United States have spent less than $800 on mobile devices last year--the highest of all surveyed countries and significantly more than the average at 9 percent, and just under one-quarter (23 percent) have not purchased any mobile devices last...

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  • The Huge Opportunity of Mobile Payments

    Profit Guide | November 3, 2014

    John Lanni wanted to keep his customers coming back. The co-founder of Currito, a Cincinnati-based burrito joint with 18 locations in the United States, was looking for a way to build a rewards program, but for a fraction of the cost that major companies usually incur. The solution? A virtual...

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  • The Benefits of EMV Chip Technology for Business Owners

    Spark Business IQ | October 30, 2014

    If your business accepts plastic credit or debit card payments, it’s time to take a closer look at EMV chip technology. As payment issuers across the country replace traditional magnetic stripe cards and terminals with new systems, business owners need to know about the benefits and drawbacks...

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  • Added Credit Card Security Features are Coming to a Small Business Near You (Like It or Not)

    Inc. | October 29, 2014

    The U.S. is at least 10 years behind most of the developed world in adopting a credit card technology, called chip and pin. The technology is more effective in warding off hack attacks that target consumer credit card information than traditional magnetic stripe card. ...

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  • Death of the Wallet?

    Mashable | October 28, 2014

    The launch of Apple Pay is a significant milestone for mobile payments, but mobile payments don’t start or stop with Apple Pay. MasterCard has been a pioneer of mobile commerce innovation for years -- including the world’s first contactless and mobile payment solutions. In bringing Apple Pay...

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  • As Apple Pay Arrives, Witnessing the Next Step in Money. Maybe.

    New York Times | October 27, 2014

    David Donohue has a tough relationship with his wallet and the items inside it. He has lost his wallet twice in the past year. He has fallen victim to credit card theft three...

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