• Facebook Small Business Video Doubles Ahead of Holidays

    Bloomberg | November 27, 2014

    When small businesses ask Facebook Inc. (FB) for advice on getting noticed amid all the holiday season marketing, the company has a new tip this year: video. The number of small and medium-sized businesses posting video on the social network almost doubled in the last year, with 800,000 of...

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  • Mobile Matters This Holiday Season, Including for Small Retailers

    Internet Retailer | November 26, 2014

    Smart use of analytics, web design principles and e-mail marketing will allow smaller companies to compete with retail giants, without breaking their budgets. As the holiday season lands at our doorstep, larger retailers are flexing their mobile muscles by launching apps, touting...

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  • Small Business View: Is Your Business Ready for the Chip Card Transition?

    by Steve Bajor, President of Team Pro Event, Inc. | November 27, 2014

    I’ve been in the event planning business for 21 years, specializing in putting on cultural events like community celebrations, fairs and festivals. Over my two decades as a small business owner, I’ve learned that some things never change. We’ve been organizing events like food festivals,...

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  • Dismal Holiday Season

    Cena Senemar, http://tandttactical.com
    Answered by: Anita Campbell

    I am having a slow Christmas season, having tried online and TV advertising and also e-mails to former customers. What other options are available to business owners who are having a hard time getting people in their stores? Read More ›