• 5 Smart Ways to Build Your Business Into a Distinctive Brand

    TIME | June 25, 2015

    How to build a business that stands out from the competition. When QuadJobs—a website that connects local employers with college and grad students looking for work—launched in October 2014, the founders wanted to perfect their branding right out of the starting gate. The three co-founders...

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  • On October 1st, Card Fraud Liability is Changing. Is Your Small Business Ready?

    Small Business Trends | June 23, 2015

    Beginning October 1, 2015, small business owners will be liable for any card-present fraud that occurs when a customer uses a credit card with an EMV chip if the business doesn’t have a chip-enabled card reader. To protect themselves, small business owners should install chip-enabled card...

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  • Migration to Using Cards With Chip Readers

    by Rieva Lesonsky | June 26, 2015

    Is your small business prepared for the upcoming migration to EMV credit and debit cards? EMV (an acronym for Europay, MasterCard and Visa) is a new, worldwide technology standard that is intended to help prevent credit and debit card fraud by enabling more secure in-person transactions. And as of...

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  • Dismal Holiday Season

    Cena Senemar, http://tandttactical.com
    Answered by: Anita Campbell

    I am having a slow Christmas season, having tried online and TV advertising and also e-mails to former customers. What other options are available to business owners who are having a hard time getting people in their stores? Read More ›