Connecting With Customers: The Future of Mobile Payments

Google Wallet, PayPal, Square, MasterCard, Visa’s, LevelUp. The mobile payments space is becoming more competitive by the day, with both established leaders and savvy upstarts staking their claim for market dominance and consumer mindshare. Already the range of choice seems overwhelmng, yet we are only at the start of the mobile payment revolution. What will fuel this industry moving forward is growing recognition among businesses of the importance of delivering quick and seamless payment capabilities to both improve mobile commerce and enhance the overall customer experience on mobile.

Research firm IDC reports that by 2017, 1.5 billion smartphones will be in use globally. As smartphones gain ubiquity, consumers are doing more than ever on mobile. Mobile users are task oriented and expect simple, intuitive experiences. Nowhere is this more important than with mobile payments, where consumers demand the ability to transact when, where, and how they choose.

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