6 Marketing Tips for New Companies From Successful CEOs

Forbes | July 14, 2015

Having a quality product or a stellar service means nothing if you don’t employ the right strategy to promote that product or service. You need to be able to get the word out and get it out fast. Determine what makes your company better than the competition and then let you customers know. Having a sound marketing strategy is a great way to get your new business off the ground, and the following 6 tips, backed up by some of the most successful CEOs, will provide a great start for any company that is looking to grow their customer base.

1. Cater to your audience.

When launching a product, you want to know exactly who will be buying it and how to reach that market. You will use very different marketing strategies for 12-16 year old girls than you would for 35-50 year old men. That should be obvious.

But you need to know more than the kinds of ads that will appeal to these groups. You also need to know the best channels to use to get your ads or content to the group you are trying to target. People under 21 are more likely to be hooked by Snapchat advertising, while it is unlikely that people over 30 even know what Snapchat is.

When talking about advertising through Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg says that “Advertising works most effectively when it’s in line with what people are already trying to do. And people are trying to communicate in a certain way on Facebook – they share information with their friends, they learn about what their friends are doing – so there’s really a whole new opportunity for a new type of advertising model within that.”
In other words, you can be much more successful by tailoring your advertising to what users are already trying to do on specific sites. Know where you will find your target audience, what they will be using that platform for, and tailor your strategy to that.


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