Saving Time with Electronic Payments

As the President of a small city Chamber of Commerce, payment cards, whether debit or credit, are critical to our financial sustainability. Our two biggest revenue streams come from the membership fees we collect, and the profits we gather from our annual Wine and Gourmet festival. Both of these activities have been made easier with the help of credit and debit cards.

Though our city is small, it can be difficult getting in touch with our members. The majority of them are small business owners who, due to their limited number of employees, have to take on a majority of their businesses’ responsibilities themselves. That’s why we let them use their payment cards to register for membership. They don’t have the time to go down to the ATM and collect the cash to register for our services. Payment cards save them time they need to run their businesses. Payment cards make our customers’ lives just a little bit easier, and in return they ensure us a loyal following.

But we can’t rely on membership fees alone to get by. Every year we hold our Wine and Gourmet festival, which brings in much needed money to our chamber. We discovered long ago that if we let attendees reserve tickets for the event online using their payment cards, they’re much more likely to attend the event. Credit and debit cards simply help us keep our festival going year after year.

We accept payment cards not just because they make our chamber run smoother, but because they help make our members’ lives easier as well.

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