Top 5 Ways to Master Any Card Payments for Your Business

Accepting credit and debit card payments has become an essential part of business success and growth. It’s also a significant cost of doing business. Small business owners need to make sure they get all the value available from electronic payments, at the lowest possible price for quality service. A former payment processor and a major payment card network are teaming up to provide an insider’s look at the top five ways to make sure you master your card payments with better service, controlling costs and reducing monthly card processing fees.

We address the different types of card processors you can choose from and how their pricing models vary so that you can get the best fit for your business profile. We also examine how to save money with the transaction tools under your control, de-coding a monthly statement and how to negotiate for your merchant account. This will be a true leveling of the playing field as you learn to master card payments for your business.

Category: Savings and Tools