Louisville Geek Strikes Gold by Accepting Credit and Debit Cards

Louisville Geek is a locally owned and operated IT company. We work with businesses of all sizes to provide the best IT support and solutions, whether that means addressing specific problems or managing an entire computer network. Our network operations center works around-the-clock to ensure that our clients’ IT systems are fully maintained and that we address potential malfunctions before a problem arises.

As a tech guy, it blows my mind when we work with companies that do not accept credit and debit cards. That sort of thinking is completely archaic, and there’s no way that my IT company could afford to be seen as so ‘behind the times’ by not accepting a type of payment that technology has afforded us.

Of course, there are other reasons why we accept electronic payments as well. First and foremost is customer satisfaction. Our customers simply prefer the convenience of paying with plastic, and as a small business, our success depends on meeting our customers’ expectations. I fully recognize that if Louisville Geek did not accept credit card payments, our customers would probably find another IT company that did.

Additionally, accepting electronic payments has allowed Louisville Geek to offer subscription services where customers pay a recurring charge each month with their credit card. These subscriptions—made possible by online card payments—have been like gold for the business, and they make my life easier by reducing the number of bills I have to send each month.

Electronic payments also help my business because I know that when a customer pays by card, we will get paid on time. This makes our cash flow more stable, and there’s no need to worry about bounced checks.

In the nine years since I helped found Louisville Geek, I have been incredibly proud to watch the business grow from a tiny start up to a successful IT company that does over a million dollars a year in business. Our decision to accept credit and debit cards right from the beginning has been a part of our success, and I strongly encourage any small business owner who does not currently accept electronic payments to consider doing so!

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