Helping Young Entrepreneurs with Electronic Payments

Accepting credit cards has allowed my marketing and consulting business to help young entrepreneurs and their startups. My firm specializes in helping small business owners innovate and promote their products and services, and so we naturally get a lot of business from young business owners. These kids are looking for guidance on how to get noticed in their marketplaces, and I love helping them. However, they usually don’t like carrying around cash or checkbooks – they use cards.

We’ve all seen the unending surveys about how Millennials love using cards over cash, and I’m here to tell you that that is the truth. They think carrying cash with them or having to keep track of checks is annoying and inconvenient. They’ve grown up using debit and credit cards, and they like knowing that all they have to do to buy something is swipe and sign. Quick, simple and easy. So for anyone who’d like to do business with these budding business leaders, accepting electronic payments is vital.

This holds true even more so for my firm, which deals in the ideas economy. We need to be as fluid as our young startup clients, who are still finding who and what they are. These entrepreneurs are adapting their businesses to new ideas as quickly as new information becomes available. Sometimes they don’t even want to leave their offices because things are moving so fast for them. That means they don’t want to go to the bank to deal with cash, or wait for the mail to deliver a check. They want to pay for my firm’s services quickly and move on to the next thing. Electronic payments allow them do that. They simply give us their card information over the phone or internet, which lets us process the payment on the spot. That way we all don’t have to worry about it later.

What I’m trying to say is that accepting electronic payments makes both my clients’ and my firm’s lives significantly easier. Clients can pay instantly from wherever they need to be at the moment, and we get their business because we can accommodate that. Any firm that wants to engage with Millennial business owners should accept electronic payments, because otherwise, they’ll just go to someone else who will. Electronic payments really are the gateway to business with young entrepreneurs.

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