Grow Your Business With Electronic Payments Acceptance

I am the owner of Charger Press, a digital design and printing business in Cincinnati, Ohio. Printing is a tough business. There’s a ton of competition, and it’s not so easy for a business to distinguish itself enough to stand out in its clients’ minds. However, at Charger Press, that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve attracted a diverse and growing clientele—including both small and larger sized companies in Ohio—and that’s been a key to our success over the last three decades.

Our secret weapon has been our willingness to accept credit and debit card payments right from the beginning. Over the years, more and more customers have come to expect that they be able to pay by card. They appreciate the convenience of not having to carry cash around with them, and they also like to avoid having to cut a corporate check, which is a complicated process that often requires time-consuming approvals. Our customers know that we will let them pay using the method that is most convenient to them, and that’s a big reason why they keep coming back to my store!

But that’s not the only benefit—credit and debit cards are much more convenient for my business as well. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that card payments cut down on the time that I have to spend on sending invoices. When a customer pays by card, we get paid by their bank, in full and on time. It’s really that easy. We don’t have to send bill after bill, and we never have to worry about a bounced check.

When I started my business 30 years ago, credit cards were just arriving on the scene. Now they’re a huge part of doing business that no one can afford to miss out on.

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