Fulfillment, Not Family: Why Women Business Owners Really Start Up, And What’s Still In Their Way

“There’s no such thing as perfect work-life balance.”

That’s how Darla Beggs, National Association of Women Business Owners’ National Chair, tells it. “I think some women business owners feel frustrated by this conversation because they feel trapped into chasing someone else’s view of success.”

But for most, an outsider’s opinion is no longer the measuring stick that matters. Women business owners are finding fulfillment on their own, according to a new study released today by NAWBO and Web.com. For 92% of female entrepreneurs, the ability to do something they are passionate about was the main driving force behind business ownership. The chance to be their own boss and the potential for higher earning power followed closely, but flexibility and family brought up the rear in this year’s survey.

“The conventional wisdom is women want work-life balance or flexible schedules,” says Web.com CEO David Brown. “Our research points out it’s really something different. Women want to have a passion and a strong interest to be engaged in that activity.”

So what does all this mean for women business owners?

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