Pat Moran

  • Pat Moran is a payments executive and advisor with specific areas of expertise in payments economics, interchange management, merchant contracting, as well as product development and deployment. Mr. Moran is currently working with several private VC backed firms to help them develop their payments related business strategies including MineralTree a SMB payables solution provider. Mr. Moran conducts small business seminars on behalf of Master Your Card, a public education program sponsored by MasterCard that helps consumers, small businesses and governments get more from their money through the wise use of electronic payment technology.

    • Questions to Ask Credit Card Vendors

      Art Goudey, Compass Consulting

      When I get new clients who are just starting a business, they ask me what questions they should ask credit card processors or vendors to make sure they get the best rate and the system that is best for them. Since I'm not well-versed in that area, can you come up with some basic questions to ask the credit card vendors so my clients can make smart decisions about credit cards? Read More ›

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