Every Business Has a Story Tell: What’s Yours?

At Community Merchants USA, our goal is to help small business owners understand how electronic payments can help start, manage and grow a business. But no one knows what works better than small business leaders like you. That’s why we’d like to hear from you.

With our “Share Your Story” tool, we’re collecting information about electronic payments for and by small business owners. To participate, just sign up and tell us how credit card acceptance has made a difference for your business.  It’s quick, easy and there are lots of great reasons to participate – including the chance to win a free iPad!

Why should you share your story?

  • If we choose to feature your story on CommunityMerchantsUSA.com, we’ll notify you by email and give you free publicity with a direct link to your business from our website.
  • You’ll be automatically entered to win one of the three iPads we’re giving away this summer. If you’ve been wanting to try out mobile payments, a brand new iPad might come in handy.
  • While you’re signing up you can choose to have credit card acceptance information sent right to your inbox. No spam. Just tips and updates that are relevant to small business leaders like you.
  • By sharing your story you can help fellow small business owners learn from your experiences and also learn from theirs.

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