Electronic Payments Lighten the Load for Business Owners

I just recently purchased an old restaurant in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood and converted it into a wine bar and lounge. I have never owned a food service business before, and I have never worked in the hospitality industry.  Credit and debit cards have helped make my life easier as I have adjusted to the restaurant management lifestyle.

Accepting cash can be a hassle. After a long day of managing employees, stocking materials and meeting with customers, the last thing I want to do is count up and secure the day’s cash for deposit. Payment cards make the process a whole lot easier.

With a quick check of my bank account, I can easily see how many purchases my customers have made using payment cards. I can easily monitor how much money is coming into my business and how much is going out. Though cash is still involved in my daily equations, it isn’t a dominant part.  I may still get home late from counting up receipts, but not nearly as late as I could be getting home if I only accepted cash.

Starting a business is hard. Merchants should seek out opportunities to lighten their load. Accepting debit and credit cards can ease many of the pains and frustrations associated with the process.

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