Electronic Payments Keeps My Business Agile

As the founder and owner of Outburst Mobile Fitness, it was critical at the outset to be able to accept credit and debit cards, online and in person.

Outburst Mobile Fitness™ is a hot new concept that brings the workout to you, wherever you are. Your office complex. Your cul de sac. Your farmer’s market, soccer field, or Food Truck Sunday. Wherever life is happening, Outburst is there – delivering full body workouts on state-of-the-art equipment. Our customers choose to exercise with us over our competitors because they prefer the convenience we offer – from scheduling a reservation at any location to the options we give them when paying for a session.

Flexibility is key to our business model and success, which is why we accept credit and debit cards. Whether a company wants to make a reservation for an entire day of exercise for their employees, or someone on the go wants a quick workout at their Farmers Market, credit and debit cards allow me to accommodate any circumstance.

Working with my credit and debit card processor, the sky is the limit for the future of Outburst Mobile Fitness.

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