Electronic Payments Keep Our Pizza Shop on the Rise

I manage a pizza and sub shop that just opened a year ago called Crust in Cleveland, Ohio. As any businessperson would tell you, starting up a new business is hard work and a big risk. At Crust, we relied on electronic payments not just to get our business rolling – but to keep it growing.

Quality in our products and service makes us stand out from other restaurants and pizza shops in Cleveland. We have the firm belief that good food takes time to make, and we take pride in every pizza we make. From start to finish, our pizzas are made 100% from scratch so our customers can taste the difference in our products. We also want them to notice the difference in our level of service.

To help us establish this reputation, we have accepted credit and debit cards for payment from the first day we opened. Accepting electronic payments makes it easier for our customers to purchase orders. They prefer to pay using plastic—both in person or when calling in orders for takeout—because nowadays, most just don’t like to keep cash on hand.

We also prefer our customers use electronic payments for various reasons. First, we’ve noticed that customers who pay with plastic tend to add more to their order, which is great for our bottom line. Second, the transaction is secure and guarantees we will receive our payment—which is essential for any business, new or well established. Last but certainly not least, is that as a manager, I find that accepting credit and debit cards makes our daily operations much easier because it eliminates the need to tally up cash and secure it for deposit.

Electronic payments have been a vital part of successfully starting and managing Crust. For anyone else looking to start a new business, I would highly recommend accepting electronic payments from day one too.

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