Electronic Payments Help Me Keep My Patients Smiling

I have been a dentist for thirty five years, which is long enough to know that most people don’t exactly enjoy having to come in for an appointment. I know that anything I can do to make my patients’ experience just a little bit easier will go a long way towards making them happy—and encouraging them to keep coming back to my practice.

Accepting credit and debit card payments is one of those things. My patients always tell me that they prefer the convenience of paying right then and there with their card. This is especially true for customers with significant co-pays or those who are paying entirely out of pocket; they’d rather pay for a large bill with plastic than hand over a large amount of cash. Electronic payments acceptance is an easy service for me to offer, and it’s a way that I can show an appreciation for my patients and keep them coming back to me rather than another dentist out there.

Card acceptance also has other benefits for my business as well. When a patient pays by card, I can process the payment instantly, rather than going through the traditional billing process, which is very time consuming and prevents my staff from concentrating on other tasks. When a patient pays by card, I also know that I will be paid in full and on time; there’s no need to worry that a bounced check or a late payment will disrupt my cash flow. All of these benefits are worth considerable value to my business.

As a small business owner, I see the benefits of accepting electronic payments firsthand daily. If your business doesn’t accept credit and debit cards, you are missing out on the opportunity to expand your business, manage it more efficiently and most importantly – keep your customers happy.

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