Electronic Payments Can Expand Your Brand

For the past three years, I’ve owned and operated a small web-based retail business. Without electronic payment acceptance, my business would simply not exist.

At Brand Louisville, we sell products that help Louisvillians and Louisvillians at heart show off their city pride. From stickers and flags to t-shirts, all of our merchandise features a unique Louisville symbol inspired by the city’s early history. The majority of our business comes from online orders, but we also rely on events like fairs, festivals and concerts to meet our sales targets. When we’re on the go at these events, 90% of our transactions are made with a mobile payments processor called Square. It just snaps into my smartphone, making setup and cleanup a breeze no matter where we’re selling.

My customers prefer paying with plastic because it’s quick and easy. It’s more convenient for me too. Electronic payments make bookkeeping much more efficient and easy. Credit card transactions are automatically approved and transferred to my account, which means I don’t have to worry about handling invoices or making trips to the bank. That means I can spend more time doing what I do best – serving my customers.

Accepting electronic payments has also allowed my customer base to expand far beyond Ohio Valley. Our customers now hail from locations all around the country and in some instances, even around the world. By looking beyond Louisville and embracing online sales, I’ve significantly increased my revenue. In fact, business has been so good that I’ve been able to hire additional staff!

Electronic payments acceptance has played a large part in making my business successful and increasing brand recognition for the city of Louisville. It has enabled me to sell my products far beyond the city limits and my customers to show their Louisville pride – all over the world.

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