Credit Cards Help Me Care for My Community

My business is all about caring for people. I am the president of Coastalmed, a long-term care pharmacy serving anyone in need of a nursing facility in the Florida Panhandle area.

For me, the decision to accept credit and debit cards was an easy one. Customers want to pay with credit cards nowadays, and since the mission of my pharmacy is to make my customers’ lives easier and better, how could I not allow them to pay using the method they prefer?

I have to say, that accepting electronic payments isn’t just good for my customers. It’s also good for my business. There are so many reasons why accepting credit and debit card payments make my job much easier, but here are some examples:

  • Easier recordkeeping. I get a statement each month listing the income from all of the credit and debit card transactions at my pharmacy. Keeping track of our finances couldn’t be easier. This frees up more time to give customers the attention they deserve in my store.
  • Secure Cash Flow. With credit and debit card payments, I’m guaranteed to get paid by the bank on time each month. I worry much less now about cash getting lost or stolen out of the register.

Accepting credit and debit cards has proven very beneficial to my business! If you’re a small business owner, check out the resources on this website to see if your business might benefit from electronic payments acceptance also.

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