Credit Card Acceptance Helped Nurture My Business Into a Success

Like countless other small business owners across the country, I have benefited tremendously by deciding to accept credit and debit card payments. I am the owner of Nurture Yoga, a studio offering personalized classes to enrich your mind, body and spirit. In just five years, I have grown nurture yoga from an idea in my head to a thriving business employing eight people. Whether or not a business succeeds is always the product of a variety of factors, but in my case, I know that electronic payments acceptance has played a large part.

I always describe Nurture Yoga as “a peaceful place in a stressful world.” My commitment to provide my clients with a relaxing, enriching environment means that I allow them to pay using the method that they find most convenient. On this matter, their answer is clear: my customers prefer to pay with plastic. Many of my clients tell me that they appreciate me accepting credit and debit card payments, and card payments now account for about half of all of my sales. Accepting electronic payments is one of many ways that I show my gratitude to my customers, and this appreciation keeps them coming back to my studio.

Credit and debit cards offer other benefits for my business as well. Accepting electronic payments allows me to receive payments in a prompt manner. I save time by not having to process checks, and I never have to worry about bounced checks either. This added level of security gives me the confidence to invest more in growing my business.

My decision to start accepting electronic payments was hugely important for the growth of my business, and I’m sure that other small businesses could benefit as well. If you are a small business owner, take some time to explore how electronic payments can add value to your business too.

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