Compare Processors and Save with CardFellow

Believe it or not, the task of finding the most competitive credit card processor can be accomplished in less than five minutes. It’s not magic — it’s CardFellow.

CardFellow is an online marketplace where credit card processors compete for your business while playing by a set of strictly enforced rules. You can read more about how CardFellow works here and here, but it generally goes like this:

  1. A processor that wants to compete in CardFellow’s marketplace must first sign a legal agreement that ensures it will offer only the most transparent and competitive pricing and terms.
  2. A business searching for the most competitive processor creates a free profile at CardFellow and receives multiple fully-disclosed quotes in just a few seconds. All quotes arrive best-pricing-first, complete with cost estimates and a signed cancellation fee waiver (contracts aren’t allowed).
  3. Processors aren’t shown contact information, so the business can review offers without being bothered by annoying sales calls. Once ready, the business chooses its ideal quote and the processor reaches out to set up the new account. CardFellow then sticks around for support and audits the business’s processing statement every six months to ensure the competitive pricing remains locked for life.

As these reviews show, CardFellow really does make it easy to find a truly competitive credit card processor by taking control of the sales process before, during, and after a business chooses a quote.

There’s a lot someone must know to successfully navigate the processing industry, and most people don’t have the time to devote to learning the ins and outs.

CardFellow’s oversight and agreement allows people to shop processors in confidence without having to become experts on processing themselves. CardFellow ensures all aspects of a quote are optimal, such as pricing model and discount method, and it bans unscrupulous tactics such as cancellation fees, equipment leasing, and periodic price increases.

There is no cost to use CardFellow, and businesses are under no obligation to choose a processor. Best of all, CardFellow lowers the average business’s processing charges by 40%. Create a free profile today to see how much your business can save.

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