Clearing Plots At the Speed of Electronic Payments

Accepting electronic payments is vital to my construction site preparation company. We clear away plots of land and prepare the sites for homebuilding construction, and after 25 years in this business, I’ve realized that there’s a lot of land to clear in Texas. This kind of work is not inexpensive either, so using credit cards allows me to have peace of mind that my company gets paid quickly and securely.

Knowing that my business has been paid lets me focus on actually doing my job. I have to oversee everything that goes into running a construction company: managing people, utilizing vehicles and interfacing with my clients to meet their needs. Plots don’t clear themselves, so I need to make sure my people know what to do and what machinery they can use to do it. It’s very time consuming.

And then I’ve got to meet with my clients. I need to keep them in the loop, address their wants and tell them when their land will be ready to build on. It can be very stressful for me, and I can only imagine what it’s like for my clients, who have a whole slew of things on their plates too. This is another reason why I like cards so much: it makes working with my clients easier.

Accepting electronic payments makes things smoother for my clients. Most of them are private and commercial homebuilders. That means they don’t just have to deal with paying me, but also the local governments and utilities companies. They have to pay a lot of money to many different parties. So for them, using cash is not feasible, and using cards allows them to not have to worry about keeping track of checks with crooked numbers.

For all of these reasons, I’ve realized that everybody wins when we use cards. Me, my clients and especially my business. Electronic payments let my clients focus on their worries, and me on mine. That means I can focus on what I like to do, which is to direct my people and do good work. Using cards helps my business clear plots faster.

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