Card Acceptance Makes Blue Technologies, Inc. An Industry Leader

At Blue Technologies, Inc. in Cleveland Ohio, we proudly accept credit and debit card payments for all orders. As the Chief Financial Officer of Blue Technologies, I am in a prime position to attest to the value of electronic payment acceptance in helping our business grow. Since 1995, I have watched Blue Technologies blossom from a small retailer to a national award-winning and industry-leading seller of office technologies that now employs 160 people. There is no doubt in my mind that card payments have helped us achieve this success.

Our motto at Blue Technologies is “Commitment to Excellence—Every Day.” Accepting credit and debit card payments helps us fulfill that motto. Put simply, the vast majority of our customers prefer to pay with plastic, and part of being an excellent business means providing customers with the shopping experience that they want. This is what keeps customers coming back to our store, which helps our business grow.

It’s not hard to understand why customers want to pay for our products with credit cards. We sell large office technologies like high-quality printers and scanners, and the prices for these devices can often be substantial. Customers obviously don’t want to use cash for such large purchases, and they’d often rather not write a check for such a large amount either. They generally prefer to pay with a corporate credit card, which gives them flexibility to pay the bill when it’s more convenient.

Accepting electronic payments also benefits our business for other reasons. When a customer pays by check, there is always the risk that the check might bounce or get lost. If that were to happen to a check for a significant total, it could be very disruptive to our cash flow. But when a customer pays by credit or debit card, there is no risk of that happening. We are guaranteed payment by the bank, and we know that we will be paid on time. This added level of security is a great advantage for us, and it’s given us the confidence to invest in expanding the business.

Based on all of this, it’s clear to me that businesses that don’t accept electronic payments are missing out on both happier customers and greater financial security!

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