Bringing Families Closer Together with Electronic Payments

Here at KaZoing Party & Play in Louisville, KY, we know how to have a good time. We provide children with a safe, clean, fun, magical place to play, learn and grow. We emphasize fun and involve kids in art, music, dance, games and crafts.

Our philosophy is that we want to give parents as much time as possible to enjoy our facility with their children. That’s why we know the value of electronic payments: speed and ease, everything a time-hungry parent wants, so they can spend more of their precious time playing with their kids and less time waiting in line. We’ve implemented a system that allows parents to quickly and easily sign their children into our facility, so paying can be as quick as walking in the door and saying “hi.”

Without electronic payments, parents would waste valuable time standing in the check-in line, counting out clunky cash, all while holding on to their kids who are itching to run off and play. By accepting cards, our families have more time to play together. With electronic payments, everyone wins.

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