Balancing my Business with Electronic Payments

I run a bridal gown and accessory shop in Los Gatos, California.  I love my job, but sometimes it’s difficult designing new gowns, dealing with bridal craziness, and trying to run a business at the same time. It’s even harder when you’re a mother with a husband who also runs a small business. My life can get stressful, so I look for any way to relieve my personal and business burdens. That’s why I accept credit and debit cards.

Cash is not my preference, especially since I run a high-end bridal shop. I feel uncomfortable handling a great deal of money, as it puts our stores at risk to burglars and thieves. I am not fond of accepting checks either, as I want to make sure the moment my customers walk out of my store that they’ve paid in full.

I know that every time I swipe debit and credit cards that I am protecting myself from unscrupulous customers. Within a couple of minutes, I can learn whether my customers’ money has been transferred into my business’s account, or whether I will have to deny them their purchase. I don’t have to worry about leaving large amounts of cash at my shop overnight, or whether my customers will have enough money in their bank accounts for me to cash their checks.

I accept credit and debit cards not just because they make my life easier, but also because they make me feel safer.

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