“Tayloring” Your Business to Your Customer’s Needs

As the CEO of Taylorized PR, I understand that each of my client businesses is different. They all have their own reputations, goals and challenges. Because of this, my goal is to “taylor” my services to the unique needs of each of the organizations that I work with. This has been the secret to my growth and success so far.

One way I accommodate the different needs of each of my clients is to let them pay me in the method that they prefer.  More often than not, that means allowing my clients to pay by credit or debit card. My clients use a variety of payment methods, but credit and debit are the most prevalent because of their convenience. As electronic payments become more and more popular in the U.S., it’s wise for small business owners like me to start accepting plastic. This helps me attract new business.

The truth is, it’s not hard to see why card payments are catching on—paying by card is so easy! Why make something difficult when it can be simple for you and your customer? Accepting credit and debit cards makes it easier for me to get paid in a timely fashion and avoid the anxiety of waiting to see if checks will clear. Card payments also save my clients the time it would take to go back and forth from the bank handling cash and checks.

Credit and debit cards have become an important part of how I conduct business. If you’re a small business owner who hopes to expand your business, I’d encourage you to start accepting cards too!

About The Author

Since 2003, Margie Taylor, the CEO of Taylorized PR, has worked for nonprofit organizations throughout Montgomery County, Texas to improve lives of those most in need. Her company focuses on PR, marketing, branding, written articles, social media, web page maintenance and event planning. Check out her business at http://taylorizedpr.com/about-us!

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