5 Tips on Financing a Small Business Franchise

Imagine this:  You’ve found the perfect business idea, one that seems to add up from every angle and couldn’t be better for you and your future plans.  The only problem is that you don’t have the capital to open the doors.  Well, unfortunately this is a rather significant problem for a small business startup … particularly in today’s lending environment.

This is one of the highest risk categories in lending practices, so now is not the time to be crossing your fingers and just “Hoping” that the money will come to you.  The 90’s are gone…it doesn’t work that way anymore.
  1. Don’t “Hope”….”Show” the bank how you will take their money and turn it into a profitable business venture.  Picture the bank like any other person you would try to borrow money from…they are nervous….they need to trust you and most importantly they need to believe that you will pay them back!


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