• Square Merchants in the US Post Sales of $100M in a Single Day

    Apple Insider | December 16, 2014

    Small businesses using Square's popular iPhone- and iPad-connected credit card readers combined to sell more than $100 million worth of goods and services in a single day, the company announced on Wednesday. Read More>

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  • Preparing for Chip-and-PIN in the United States

    New York Times | December 12, 2014

    LONDON — On a recent morning, eager shoppers swarmed around Covent Garden, a 350-year-old former open-air vegetable market in central London whose glass-fronted stores now include popular American companies like Apple and Shake Shack. But when consumers here pulled out a credit card to make a...

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  • Amid Tensions with Business Leaders, Obama Details His Agenda

    New York Times | December 11, 2014

    President Obama’s relations with business leaders have often been terse and frosty. But on Wednesday, Mr. Obama lingered for nearly two hours with the chief executives of several of the largest American companies, rallying their support for an Asian trade deal and laying out his most detailed...

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  • Square Closes the Loop on Collecting Payments Through Mobile Invoices

    IT Business | December 10, 2014

    Square Inc. has launched a new feature allowing its users to send mobile invoices – and hopefully, this will be the push some of its small business customers need to stop procrastinating in figuring out who owes what and how much. Dubbed as Square Invoices, the U.S.-based startup launched the...

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  • Mobile Is Revolutionizing the Way Merchants Accept Payments and Manage Their Businesses

    Business Insider | December 9, 2014

    The mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) first shook the payments industry with Square's simple mobile card reader, which attached to smartphones and tablets. It gave small and micro merchants a simple and inexpensive way to accept and track credit and debit card payments. ...

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  • Does Traditional Small Business Mentoring Fit into Today’s Entrepreneurship Equation?

    Washington Post | December 5, 2014

    In an era when traditional business plans seem passé and specialized financial advice is only as far away as your smartphone, where do tried-and-true business counseling programs fit into the entrepreneurship equation? It’s a tough question, and it’s David R. Bobbitt’s to answer. ...

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  • San Francisco DA Pushes for Chip Payment Cards in Tech’s Backyard

    CIO | December 4, 2014

    Chip-and-PIN payment cards have a strong supporter in the hotbed of payment technologies, with San Francisco’s district attorney promoting the new technology as a way to cut down on fraud.  As nearby tech startups like Square and giants like Apple and Google invent new ways...

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  • What Really Happened on Black Friday (By the Numbers) | December 3, 2014

    The official kick-off the holiday shopping season, Thanksgiving,  Black Friday (and Small Business Saturday, and “Needs A Marketing Guru To Name It” Sunday represent what is expected to be the four biggest shopping holidays of the U.S. retail calendar year. And with great expectations comes...

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  • Apple Is Coming To the Aid of Small Retailers

    Tech Crunch | December 2, 2014

    When Apple Pay launched on October 20, Cupertino announced partnerships with big brands such as Whole Food, Macy’s and McDonalds. But what about all the mom and pop stores around the country – how are they going to benefit from it? Apple Pay introduces an easier way for all of us to pay...

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  • Local Shoppers Showing Support on Small Business Saturday

    Boston Globe | December 1, 2014

    Between the stampedes of Black Friday and the online frenzy of Cyber Monday, residents took to their neighborhood bakeries, shops, and boutiques Saturday to support small businesses. “The idea is to shop small, and I have a small shop,” said Kate Layte, 28, who had just opened the doors of...

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