• Small Businesses Have Even More Credit-Card Reader Options

    New York Times | January 14, 2015

    Small business owners looking to ditch traditional credit card readers have more options than ever. Online retailers Amazon and Etsy are just two of the latest companies to...

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  • Computer Chips Will Make Credit, Debit Cards Safer for Faribault Customers

    Faribault Daily News | January 13, 2015

    This year, there will be an important change in the way Americans use their credit cards. More banks will be issuing cards with small computer chips, a move they say will protect against credit card fraud. Americans use their credit cards a lot, and most of the cards they use operate the same...

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  • Samsung Digital Payment System Could Rival Apple Pay

    Small Business Trends | January 12, 2015

    Credit card companies, banks, retail stores and e-merchants are lining up to accept Apple Pay. Now, Apple’s chief competition in the smartphone arena may be on the verge of its own mobile payment system. Read More>

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  • Play It Forward

    Forbes | January 9, 2015

    It was barely 18 months ago that Jessica O. Matthews, the co-founder and CEO of Uncharted Play, a for-profit social enterprise that manufactures energy-generating sports products, seriously considered throwing in the towel. At the time, Matthews, who was attending Harvard Business School and...

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  • The Year of Interesting (and Disruptive) Payments Plays | January 8, 2015

    While our mother’s told us that it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, (only how you play the game), as adults we realize that our mothers only told us that because we were children and we needed to build our confidence. As it turns out, how you play really does matter an awful...

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  • Solid Economy Causes Small-Business Optimism to Surge

    Wall Street Journal | January 7, 2015

    Chris Sugai is exploring whether to rent a bigger warehouse early this year to expand his mountain-bike business. He anticipates that revenue at Niner Bikes, his nine-year-old Fort Collins, Colo., high-end mountain-bike company, will reach $17 million in 2015, up from $15 million last year. ...

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  • What Payments Pundits Say is On Tap for 2015 | January 6, 2015

    The year 2015 may just be the year the payments and commerce industry sets the tone for years to come. There were a lot of things that happened in 2014 that certainly set the stage for a big and important year. And, where there’s big expectations, there’s lots of speculation on everything...

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  • Small Business Advice: How to Curb Online ‘Cart Abandonment’ This Holiday Season

    The Washington Post | December 19, 2014

    The average American is expected to complete 44.4 percent of their holiday shopping online this season, and the National Retail Federation predicts online sales will rise around 8 to 10 percent over last holiday season. However, as quickly as online shopping is growing, it could be growing even...

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  • Are All Payments Becoming Invisible? A Conversation with Square’s Jack Dorsey

    New York Times | December 18, 2014

    Square, the company famous for its tiny mobile credit-card reader, says that during the last week, the firm crossed a major benchmark: Businesses using Square’s various payment technologies processed $100 million in sales during a single shopping day. Read...

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  • PayPal Expands Lending Program to Merchants

    Financial Times | December 17, 2014

    PayPal is pushing to expand into the alternative lending market popularized by faster growing start-ups such as Lending Club, after already advancing more than $200m of loans to consumers and small businesses. Read More>

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