• Counseling Is Often More Valuable Than a Small-Business Loan

    The Wall Street Journal | July 9, 2014

    The head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, Maria Contreras-Sweet, made a bold statement this week in an interview regarding the state of small-business lending and the SBA's role in aiding small businesses. Ms. Contreras-Sweet said "the counseling is almost more important than the...

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  • These Are The Best And Worst US States For Small Business

    Business Insider | July 8, 2014

    Ian Toner, an architect in Philadelphia, recently went to city offices for a permit to build a stoop for a client’s home. The city, he...

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  • Small Business Hiring Surges to Fastest Pace Since Early 2012

    The Washington Post | July 7, 2014

    Now that’s more like it. Small businesses nationally added 117,000 jobs in June, a 60 percent increase over their average for the first five months of the year and the fastest pace of hiring since early 2012, according to the latest numbers published Thursday by payroll processing firm...

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  • New Coalition Will Help Veterans Finesse Their Financials

    Associations Now | June 30, 2014

    The new Veterans Financial Coalition will provide educational and training resources for veterans and the organizations that serve them to help vets keep their finances in order as they re-enter civilian life. Several groups are banding together to help veterans manage their finances once they...

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  • 30 Crowdfunding Sites to Take Your Venture to the Next Level

    Small Business Trends | June 27, 2014

    Small business owners frequently do not have the capital to pursue new venues, and they can find it difficult to secure loans from banks. Startups and entrepreneurs may find many lending doors closed to them when they need it most. Crowdfunding is one way to obtain needed funds to bring your...

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  • Small Businesses Increasingly Turn to Online Lenders when Banks Bail

    PBS | June 26, 2014

    Since the financial crisis, small business lending by banks has declined substantially according to federal data. The value of loans of less than $100k is down by more than 18 percent since 2008. But while banks have pulled back, new types of sparsely regulated nonbank lenders have stepped in as...

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  • Data Security Best Practices

    Fox News | June 25, 2014

    Small businesses may think the cost of protecting data is high, but doing nothing can be far more expensive. No matter the size or scope of the business, everyone is reliant on data to get the job done. That is why every business –big or small-- needs a data-security-best-practices plan. If...

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  • Small Business Guide: Where to Find Capital

    The Washington Post | June 24, 2014

    Many small business owners still stop into a bank when they’re in need of a loan. And when founders need financing for a new technology company, most still pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists in person. However, new technology coupled with new federal rules have made it possible...

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  • Small Business Survivors: Where Employers Weathered the Recession

    The Washington Post | June 24, 2014

    Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs started a new company in 2007, not knowing that the economy was on the verge of collapse. Not surprisingly, more than half of them have already gone out of business. In a select few states, though, companies defied the odds, with more of them still running...

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  • How Small Firms Can Make Customers Feel Safe Online

    The Wall Street Journal | June 19, 2014

    It's hard enough for big companies to reassure customers that their sites are safe from hackers. So how do small companies make people feel safe? Simply having a site that's well protected against attacks isn't enough, especially when small businesses seem like much easier targets than...

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