• Failed Entrepreneurs Find More Success the Second Time

    Bloomberg Businessweek | July 28, 2014

    Given the slight chances of success, it’s a marvel anyone ever starts a business at all. One-third of new ventures close within two years, half within five years, and so on: only one in four is still around 15 years after opening day. But all that failure may offer its own reward, according to...

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  • Yes, Americans want bacon with that

    CNN Money | July 23, 2014

    Yes, Americans want bacon with that. Square, the mobile payments company used by millions of small businesses, has been compiling information on customer ordering behavior since April 2013. That's when it released an item modifier tool as part of its point-of-sale product to...

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  • More Secure Credit Cards With Chips Coming To The U.S.

    Forbes | July 22, 2014

    By the end of 2015, 70 percent of U.S. credit cards and 41 percent of U.S. debit cards will have security chips — called EMV for Europay, MasterCard MA +0.94%, ...

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  • Non-bank loans: Quick, easy…and addictive?

    CNN Money | July 21, 2014

    During the recent recession, many traditional financing options for small businesses dried up. Even when the economy started to rebound, banks increased loans to large businesses while scaling back financing for smaller firms. Today, the odds of a small business actually receiving a bank loan...

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  • The Truth about SBA Business Loans | July 17, 2014

    Many potential clients, when first contacting Seed Capital for a business loan, ask if we provide any services regarding assistance in obtaining SBA (Small Business Administration) business loans.  And understandably, many clients are puzzled, initially, when our response is, “no”.  The SBA...

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  • Finding Ways to Use Big Data to Help Small Shops

    The New York Times | July 16, 2014

    Brian Janezic, 27, was in the equipment room of one of the two Auto Wash Express self-service locations he owns in Tucson, going through his cleaning supplies and vending machine items to determine what to reorder, when it...

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  • Apple Reveals How Much It Helps Small Businesses

    Business Insider | July 15, 2014

    Apple is famous for being silent about its business operations. But today the company released a statement about its relationship with American small businesses, prompted by Apple SVP of Operations Jeff Williams, who attended a meeting with President Obama after Apple adopted ...

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  • Corporations Promise Obama They’ll Pay Small Businesses Faster

    Bloomberg | July 14, 2014

    Here’s good news for business owners accustomed to waiting months for corporate customers to pay their bills: 26 companies, including Apple, FedEx, and Johnson & Johnson, pledged to pay Main Street...

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  • Should You Crowdfund Your Next Business?

    Inc. | July 11, 2014

    After years of painstaking battles, the government is about to lift the ban on securities crowdfunding for startups. But this may not be the big breakthrough the crowd was cheering for. On a brisk January morning, Fabrice Gould walked into the San Diego Convention Center and took his badge and...

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  • Why Congress Can’t Afford to Ignore Small Businesses This Fall

    The Washington Post | July 10, 2014

    Right up there with cheesy slogans and attack ads, praise for small businesses has become a staple of campaign season in Washington. It’s likely to be the same again this fall, and with good reason. Congressional hopefuls, both incumbents and their challengers, can’t afford to overlook the...

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