• What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Apple Pay

    Business 2 Community | September 24, 2014

    Apple’s highly anticipated September 9 announcement has come and gone, leaving us with significant questions about the future of iOS and Apple hardware integration for business. According to the keynote announcement, customers will be able to use NFC, or near field communications, to pay for...

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  • Why Big Retail Looks to SMB For How to Innovate | September 23, 2014

    As the POS terminals evolve with the coming of feature-rich new payment devices, small businesses are gravitating toward adopting them, including cloud-based tablet solutions that crowd the marketplace. In a recent podcast interview, MPD CEO Karen Webster caught up with PayAnywhere CEO Marc Gardner...

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  • Small Businesses Created 78,000 Jobs in August, According to ADP Small Business Report

    ADP Research Institute | September 15, 2014

    Employment in nonfarm private small business payrolls rose 78,000 in August on a seasonally adjusted basis, accounting for 38% of employment gains across all payroll size groups. Within small businesses, half of the employment growth contribution was associated with companies having between 1-19...

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  • I am a Small Business Owner, Why Do I Need an Instagram Account? | September 12, 2014

    Yes, I know. The sheer number of social networking sites can make you want to run away screaming. Knowing which sites to be active on can feel utterly overwhelming and since most of us do not have the time to be active on all of them, choosing 2-3 that you are willing to commit to can be...

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  • Technology that Helps Small Business Stay Even with the Big Players

    Entrepreneur | September 11, 2014

    A clear gap is emerging between ecommerce behemoths such as Amazon and eBay and the small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) competing with them. However, new technology services can help SMBs in the ecommerce space identify and measure key business metrics and even begin to gain parity in many important...

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  • How to Run Your Business on a Mobile Platform

    Business2Community | September 10, 2014

    Growing your business means expanding your customer reach in the mobile platform. The use of mobile applications offers marketers new and more profitable opportunities to market their products and services without the geographic boundaries. Whether you are a small local business, you can now reach...

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  • U.S. Finds ‘Backoff’ Hacker Tool Is Widespread

    The New York Times | August 26, 2014

    More than 1,000 American businesses have been affected by the cyberattack that hit the in-store cash register systems at Target, Supervalu and most recently UPS Stores, the Department of Homeland Security ...

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  • Small-Business Lending Is Slow to Recover

    The Wall Street Journal | August 19, 2014

    Brandi Shirey wants to borrow at least $20,000 to expand the birthday- and wedding-cake business she started four years ago after leaving her job as a bookkeeper. Demand for the cakes, which sell for $150 to $500, overwhelms her home kitchen. She plans to use about $2,000 from her savings to...

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  • Is The Boom In Small Business Finance Real?

    Forbes | August 18, 2014

    There has definitely been a boom in the small business finance space. Last week, I was approached by a company that enables small businesses to turn unpaid invoices into immediate cash.  After doing a little research, I discovered that they had just received...

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  • Trying to Understand the Impact of a Higher Minimum Wage on Small Businesses

    The New York Times | August 15, 2014

    Does the battle over the minimum wage pit employees against small-business owners? That was the notion put forth on the Real Clear Politics website recently. In an essay titled “...

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