• Disruptive Technology and Social Media

    Business 2 Community | October 23, 2014

    Disruption (noun) – an event that results in a displacement or discontinuity. From communicating with gestures to Whatsapping, humans have come a long way in communicating with each other over the past several thousand years; especially in the past century. Read...

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  • VISA Kicks Off U.S. Chip Card Education for Consumers and Merchants

    MarketWatch | October 23, 2014

    Visa Inc., a global leader in payments, is kicking off a national awareness and education effort that will reach millions of U.S. cardholders and merchants with information about chip technology designed to make electronic payments more secure. The campaign, delivered through partnerships with...

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  • New Technology Moves Small Businesses Forward and Protects Customers From Fraud

    In Business | October 20, 2014

    The process of completing a credit card transaction has become an ingrained part of our business culture. Since the 1970s, when the emergence of magnetic strip credit cards revolutionized how we purchase goods and services, electronic payments have become simpler and more accessible, opening up new...

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  • How Mobile Payment Processing Services Can Improve Your Business Success

    PayChex | October 17, 2014

    Whether your business is large or small, you need to offer consumers what they want in a highly competitive, ever-changing market. The effect of information technology on business has been vast over the past several decades and there is no end in sight. Consumers expect even the smallest business...

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  • Plastic, the All-In-One-Card that Could Replace Your Wallet

    Mashable | October 16, 2014

    You already keep an array of cards in your wallet: Debit card, credit card and gift cards. Several developers are working on reducing all those cards to just one. Last year, it was Coin, the super card that holds eight cards and allows you to swipe between them at will. But Coin is still only...

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  • Twitter Becomes a Payment Channel

    CFO | October 15, 2014

    Stealing a march on Facebook, Twitter is teaming up with one of France’s largest banks to offer person-to-person money transfers via tweets. The service, which will be officially launched Tuesday in Paris, has been developed by S-money, a subsidiary of Groupe BPCE that offers an electronic...

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  • Mobile Payment Technology Coming to Windows Phones

    CBR | October 14, 2014

    Bill Gates has applauded Apple for its mobile payment platform Apple Pay, and alluded to a comparable NFC-based platform featuring on future Windows phones. In an interview with Bloomberg, the Microsoft co-founder said that Microsoft "should do as well or better" as Apple when it comes to...

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  • Bank of America Rolls Out EMV Chip Debit Cards

    Charlotte Business Journal | October 13, 2014

    Bank of America Corp. says it has begun including a new security feature on its debit cards, becoming the first major U.S. bank to add chip technology to its cards. All new BofA debit cards issued from now on will include chip technology, or EMV as its called in Europe, which encrypts...

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  • The Secret Weapon for Small Business Success – Customer Service

    ABC | October 10, 2014

    It's hardly surprising that half of small businesses fail within the first five years. It's not easy to launch a new product, single-handedly manage everything from IT to accounting, fend off the competition and grow a customer base - all at the same time. These days, it's not enough to have a...

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  • A Planning Tool to Help Start-Ups, Before They Start

    New York Times | October 9, 2014

    Intuit is well known for QuickBooks, its small-business accounting software, which has 1.4 million users. Those users have helped Intuit amass an enormous amount of financial data about the costs of starting and running a business. In June, the company launched the Startup Financial Planner, a...

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